Midwest School of Photography is a place to advance your education and to enhance your photographic skills.

We will be having an Open House on Saturday 29 June, from 10am-2pm  please stop by and say Hi.

We can be that beam of light that goes off in your head during the learning process; the extra effort that transforms “I’d like to…” into “I got it!” We can be that sigh of relief you share with a like-minded student during a workshop, or that comfortable, at-ease feeling you get while photographing something you love. We are the experience you remember when asked, “how did you get that shot?”

As our society has transformed into the digital realm, so has Midwest School of Photography. We have no dark rooms, no chemicals, and no limits to our educational approach.

While we are developing our curriculum’s and our web site, please bear with us as we begin to build on the site’s navigation system and prepare our site to offer the ultimate in user friendly access.

Site is under development – please check back!